Glam + Camping: W New York Launches Glamping Suite with Laurel & Wolf

W New York is bringing the unexpected to the NYC’s urban empire with the launch of their Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite in partnership with interior design company Laurel & Wolf.

Last night I was able to Glamp in the Concrete Jungle where the terrace was transformed to encapsulate a glamorous camping experience.

W Hotels are known for non-traditional designs. A 12-foot yurt bedecked in a kaleidoscope of fabrics and textures, glowing lanterns, rattan hanging chairs and a fire pit that lights up with a flip of a switch. A canopy of twinkling café lights surrounds the yurt, the central element of the rustic-luxe oasis.

With sweeping skyline views on the 17th floor, this is my idea of night under the stars.

Laurel and Wolf’s mantra is to bring affordable interior design to everyone. The best part about all these pieces is that you can find them all online. With easy access to the pieces you can use this for inspiration and recreate as you like. The materials are made for the outdoors so your space can stay in place year round.

You can now book special packages centered around the Extreme Wow Outdoor Suite at W New York.

Check out my photos from the launch:

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